Jun 03, 2017 10 00 AM PDT
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Visual Storytelling, Story Structure and Making Comics [Replay]

Shot on location from Center Stage Gallery sponsored by CTN. A Master Class Presented by Director Stephan Franck

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Visual Storytelling, Story Structure and Making Comics [Replay]

Shot on location from Center Stage Gallery in the Animation Capital of the world Burbank, CA. 
Hosted by the Creative Talent Network (CTN)

Presenter: Sony Animation Director Stephan Franck
June 3rd 10am - 5pm PDT
"I have compiled and organized the key concepts and skills acquired on my own storytelling journey into a 6-hour masterclass: Visual / Storytelling."

DESCRIPTION: We’ll talk about many aspects of visual/storytelling: like film language, comic book sequential art, and what one can borrow from the other in terms of clarity and effectiveness to communicate with a large modern audience.

We’ll also talk about the composition and meaning of an image. We'll talk about story structure and story esthetic, including things like high-concept, esthetic distance, and imagination vs immediacy. We’ll talk about character and how to introduce one and set them in motion.

Just so you know, this will be involved and intense. If you’ve been to one of my 1hour panel at cons, or my 3-hour block at Art Center you know that this will be jam-packed with actual, hard-earned, non-trivial info about visual/storytelling. And this is a whole day! This should be a fun time for anyone meaningfully engaged in the craft of comics, animation, film, whether you are pre-professional, professional, or have a keen interest in art and storytelling.

We will also talk about all things industry/career or “artist’s life”related, and I’ll be happy to share my experience working both on the corporate side of movie, and the independent side of comics! So from how to pitch to a studio to how to set up your own books’ distribution… from “how do I break in?”, to “what path is best for me?” we can talk about all that.

ABOUT Stephan Franck: 
For more information call 818 259 1598 or email enquiries@creativetalentnetworkCTN.com

Everyone who registers for either the STREAM or the IN PERSON event in BURBANK is automatically entered into the CTNX2017 Raffle to win 1-hotel room for 1 night and a 1-day exhibit floor plus pass. The drawing for the winner will take place in October. 

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